"Everyone needs beauty as well as bread..." - John Muir

Philosophy -- The entirety of our business, design, and construction philosophy is encompassed in these words. Beauty and Bread Woodshop was founded by Casey Herring in Vancouver, Washington, with the intention of creating pieces that are objectively useful, as well as authentically beautiful. We build furniture; furniture is often a necessity of utility. It is also something that forms the environment in which we live day-to-day. We strive to make these everyday items not only useful, but sincerely gratifying. The goal is to design and build furniture that will last multiple generations and that remains utilized throughout the years. 

Sustainability -- It wasn't until I got deep into the idea of selling furniture that I even realized one of the greatest benefits to having handmade heirloom quality goods: we only need to buy something once. We are not replacing month to month or year to year. Handmade furniture is a financial investment, so it is more likely that one would think about their situation and how that piece will live in their environment. It can help to make us more conscious consumers. Think about this: the waste in cheaply made goods that get purchased and thrown in the landfill each year is enormous. The labor it takes to make those goods is therefore also wasted and breeds life to the same wasteful cycle. The goal of my craft is to help stop that cycle, and to allow you to have quality goods that begin to define your space and enhance the environment they are in.