No. 2 || In-Stock Handmade Furniture

A walnut bed staged between two nightstands with national parks pictures hanging above.

Hello Again!

Eventually owner/creator/dreamer Casey will get on here to philosophize, maybe share about furniture-building or how he dreamed up the name that he now wishes was much shorter and less likely to come up in searches for bakeries.

But for now, you have me: wife/co-owner/pragmatist. I am dropping in here to introduce to you the newly added “in-stock” page on the website. And also to drop some words that help SEO (if you don’t know what that is, count your blessings) so that people can find and buy our furniture because apparently that is how internet sales work – always gaming the algorithms. It makes sense – who actually reads these blogs on e-commerce sites? If you are reading, you’re awesome. Or you’re my relative. Which some might argue is also awesome. (I’m doing a poor job of dropping the furniture-specific words. Here: midcentury modern, living room design, handmade furniture, Danish design, bedroom furniture, solid maple…).

Back to the point: in-stock furniture! For the first time in Beauty and Bread history, the team is adding an extra piece to production here and there so that we can offer a few items ready to ship, without the 8 week lead time.

Stay in the MidMod Furniture Know

We can’t compete with the turnaround of the large corporations-which-shall-not-be-named, nor are we trying, but consider this is an attempt to meet in the middle…ish.

Sign up for the newsletter below or follow Casey on instagram if you want to be the first to know about in-stock items – it will always be a bit of a surprise. I promise not to spam you. Because I honestly don’t know how to. 

If you don’t see what you you’re searching for in-stock, but have your heart set on something unique but classic, built to last a lifetime, handmade from solid wood, even customizable (Need your bed shorter? Taller? A smaller dresser? Like maple best? Or oak or cherry or walnut?), consider the options in our catalog of designs. It may be a few more weeks as the team builds it, but I feel confident saying it’s worth the wait.

As always, thanks for supporting our team of woodworkers (and me) – we are all grateful to be a part of bringing a little bit of beauty into the daily lives of so many wonderful people across the country (and a few across the world). 

A simple two-drawer solid maple nightstand with exposed joinery at the base and black ledge pulls.

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