Handcrafted Coffee Tables

  • Coffee Table No. 1

    This coffee table takes on a more sophisticated and timeless shape than the typical mid mod furniture of the moment. Design is made to be simple in structure, but complex in detail. It is a piece that is instantly pleasing to look at, but subtly intricate, where more details pop out to you as you live with it.

    It is constructed with through tenon joinery wedged with ebony. This particular table was inlaid with ebony to stop a crack from causing any problems down the road. The box is constructed with dovetail joinery. This can be made with or without a drawer. The drawer option will be able to pull from both ends of the box.

  • Coffee Table No. 2

    Though delicate in design this coffee table is built to outlive you. The lines are strikingly minimal, but intricacies of the design stand out the longer you look at it. The four radius edges give a soft feel to the table and the 30″ undercut bevel makes the top and shelf appear lighter and thinner than they really are. The top features exposed through mortise and tenon joints that have been wedged to provide strength even after the glue fails in 100 years.

  • Coffee Table No. 5

    Simple elegance and serious engineering. A test of design and woodworking skills to create and interesting, complex yet painfully simple silhouette.

Blanket wrapped, shipped with care.

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