Custom Made Wood Dining Tables

  • Dining Table No. 1

    Dining table with elegant lines flowing from one end to the other and from top to bottom. The design is heavily influenced by the sensible lines found in Danish midcentury furniture, as well as from Sam Maloof. The table has a continual elliptic shape, which softens the otherwise squareness of the table.

  • Dining Table No. 2

    Detail is the name of the game for this table made of all locally sourced Claro Walnut.

    All hand-cut joinery, including through mortise and tenon wedged with ebony and angled bridle joints on the trestles.

    The top is a book matched set of air dried walnut, giving an incredibly rich color.

  • Dining Table No. 3

    This simple and elegant dining table is made from Oregon Black Walnut. The top is book matched (cut sequentially from a log and then opened up to reveal the same grain on either side), giving an incredibly interesting and dramatic look.

    The sides all have a soft radius cut into them, softening the feel of the table and balancing out the look of the custom made steel Prouve-inspired legs.

  • Heather’s Table

    Classic Danish lines in a very modern silhouette. Meticulously made. If you enjoy and appreciate serious craftsmanship, you might enjoy this table.

    A place for loved ones to gather, for meals to be shared, and memories to be made. From our hands to your dining room, Heather’s Table.

    All parts are turned by hand and every joint is a wedged tenon made visible for a lifetime of strength. Each end has a faint radius to soften the overall feel and tie in the turned legs.

    Pictured with our Midcentury Modern Bench

Blanket wrapped, shipped with care.

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