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Our custom dining tables and cabinets are made to stand the test of time by using time-tested methods handed down from one generation to the next. Each Beauty and Bread Woodshop dining table is built with extreme care, thoughtful precision, and finished to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through.

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Our Vancouver-based team of artisans uses locally sourced wood (when available) to create each piece of furniture, meaning you can be sure your custom dining table is made from the finest materials. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dining table or something more modern, our team can create the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

Beauty and Bread custom dining tables are made from a range of domestic hardwoods such as cherry, oak, walnut, and others. We have a very discerning eye when it comes to the wood and materials we use, ensuring its strength and overall durability. We build furniture that’s made to last–you, your children, and your grandchildren will all be able to host Thanksgiving dinner with our dining room tables.

But it also looks amazing. By using wood still in its natural state, we can capture and maintain the natural beauty that can only be achieved through time. Once the custom dining table has been completed, we finish the piece with a food-safe natural oil/wax that will preserve the wood and allow the different colors of the wood to shine through.

Custom Made Dining Tables and Buffets in Vancouver

The natural strength of wood is just one part of why Beauty and Bread Woodshop furniture is so durable. Where mass-produced products tend to sag or get wobbly over time, our artisanal woodworking methods mean your custom dining table will always be as sturdy as the day you got it.

Each of our pieces is made to order, so we’re able to handle each piece individually. By combining centuries-old joinery and modern tools, we’re able to make exact cuts to increase the strength of the joints. And by hiding the fasteners that bring additional stability, we don’t take away from the good looks of your table. It’s the perfect marriage of form and function.

With a custom dining table and our buffet, you’ll be able to outfit your dining room with furniture that looks great and works with almost any decor. You can pair almost any dining room chair with our tables to create a uniform look or to provide a bit of an eclectic look. Either way, we’re pretty sure our tables will outlast whatever chairs you decide to go with. Although we don’t build chairs, we do build customized benches to go with your dining table if you’d like.

With a custom dining table from Beauty and Bread Woodshop, you’ll be getting a generational piece of furniture and supporting sustainable forestry practices and local artisans. By keeping these furniture-building techniques relevant, you’ll ensure that future generations can keep the tradition of beauty and quality alive.

Blanket wrapped, shipped with care.

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