Custom Wood Dressers

  • Dresser No. 1

    This dresser is made from all solid claro walnut. The case is solid walnut mitered on all four corners to give a seamless and smooth look. The front features a 30-degree bevel leading into the inset drawers. The bevel, albeit subtle, highlights the drawer fronts themselves. The slight offset in size is another subtle, yet interesting, design consideration. The pulls are made locally of genuine leather with a solid brass rod stitched in. The drawer boxes themselves are solid walnut and finger-jointed for an interesting look even when the drawers are open. The hardware is under-mounted soft-close hardware.

    The idea behind the design was to have a fascinating piece made from the finest materials I could source. The hope was that mixing the absolute best materials with a simple yet architecturally interesting design would produce a piece that both commands the room and allows it to fit with existing furniture.

    Dresser No. 1

  • Dresser No. 2

    Walnut dresser with grain-matched fronts. The design is minimal and clean, allowing the unique timber to speak for itself. All 6 drawers are constructed with dovetail joinery to ensure multiple generations can enjoy this dresser with confidence. Drawers will be installed on soft close hardware for ease and luxurious feel. Push open hardware can be installed as well, please inquire if interested.

    The base is made of all solid walnut and constructed with a combination of mortise and tenon joinery, as well as exposed bridle joints.

    Dresser No. 2

  • Dresser No. 4

    Our goal with this dresser has been, first and foremost, to construct a piece of furniture that will last well over 50 years without issue. Quality of material and construction is our focus. I hope you like the design and find the proportions pleasing, but we strive primarily to surpass your expectations in regard to quality. A key advantage of purchasing from a smaller scale shop is that we can justify losing our minds on details such as grain orientation and joinery reinforcement. Please enjoy for many, many years to come.

    If quality is your first priority, I can whole-heartedly assure you that this dresser will satisfy your needs.

    This detail-heavy dresser features all solid western walnut including drawers and drawer bottoms. The finger jointed drawers echo the finger jointed frame around the base for a cohesive design that never gets old to look at.

    Drawer hardware is soft close and absolutely effortless to open and close. The top drawers include optional partitions for delicate items.

    The design goal was to incorporate the lines and sensibilities of furniture of the 50’s and 60’s into a more modern package with the exposed joinery and mixture of hard and soft lines that play so well together.

    This dresser is designed to complement my bed No. 3 and bed No. 5, but works quite well with all beds we make.

    Dresser No. 4

  • Dresser No. 6

    Another unique midcentury dresser design, this one featuring solid brass accents contrasting the highly figured walnut.

    Dresser No. 6

  • Midcentury Modern Dresser

    This dresser is made from all solid wood, including the drawers and built using several forms of exposed joinery and hand shaping. I would put this piece closer to a form of art than pure function. The exposed dovetail case, exposed through-tenons on the top, the exposed box joints on the drawers, and the extensive shaping of the legs makes this a subtle but fascinating piece. Our only goal at Beauty and Bread Woodshop is to design useful pieces of furniture that are undeniably interesting. I believe we have achieved what we set out to do with this piece.

    The shape of the legs mirror those seen in a few of our most popular designs: Bed No. 5 and Side Table No. 2, as well as Bed No. 3 and 3.5

Blanket wrapped, shipped with care.

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